Blossom Hill Nursery established its apiary in 2009 and has expended to over 60 hives producing bees and apiary products. Our interest in horticulture and nature made the addition of the apiary an obvious choice to enhance our sustainable farm but we never dreamed that caring for honey bees would become another obsession including grafting queens, honey and candles.

Honey Bee Queens and Nucs

We are selling a limited number of nucleus colonies this spring. These are sold as 4 frame nucs with overwintered marked queens that were produced at Blossom Hill in 2019. The nucs include at least 2 frames of brood, a frame of honey and pollen resources and an extra drawn comb in a cardboard box. These are for pick up only. We do not ship nucs or queens.

Later in the season, we will sell nucs with marked 2020 queens produced here at Blossom Hill.

The honey bee queens that we sell are produced at Blossom Hill. They will be mated and available for pickup by appointment throughout the season. We do not ship queens. The queens are also available as marked queens on request for an additional fee.


All the honey that we sell is our own raw, unpasteurized honey produced by our hives. It is extracted in small batches so the colour and flavour varies as the season and nectar sources change. Early season honey is typically very light in colour and flavour with floral notes. Our 6000 peonies, other perennials, trees and wildflowers provide unique nectar sources for our honey bees. The late season honey is darker and more intense in flavour.

We also now prepare creamed honey. Nothing is added to the honey. It is started with our own honey to produce an exceptionally smooth tasty product. This is a favourite honey for spreading on toast or for soothing a sore throat.

Beeswax Candles

Beeswax is an all-natural product produced by honey bees to cover their stored honey. It is removed from the hives when the honey is extracted. Our beeswax candles are handmade at our home from filtered 100% pure beeswax with 100% cotton wicking. Beeswax candles cleanse the air as they burn. They burn slower than other candles so they last longer. They make a great addition to an evening at home or thoughtful gift. The candles can be shipped.