We are proud to be continuing in our 28th year of Blossom Hill Nursery, providing the same excellent quality plant and apiary products with exemplary customer service.

Blossom Hill Nursery specializes in delphiniums and peonies as well as other hardy perennials. Our plants, including delphiniums and peonies are grown in our own fields. The peonies are propagated by division or grafting but not micro-propagation. Our peonies have won many awards including American and Canadian Championships. Many other perennials not listed in the catalogue are available upon request.

Delphinium elatum was our first specialty.  We have grown delphiniums since the 1980s, beginning with strong plants from British sources and developing our own strain. They possess stronger stems, larger florets and are hardier than other delphinium elatum. Our delphiniums have won the only two Bronze Medallions from the Delphinium Society (UK) awarded in Canada.

Our interest in horticulture and nature, lead us to beekeeping thirteen years ago. Blossom Hill honey bees provide honeybeeswax candles as well as mated queens and nucleus colonies. Our unique location with many perennial beds and natural areas provide amazing honey and strong bees. We planted our 12 acre field into a native wildflower/tallgrass prairie meadow surrounded by native trees and shrubs three years ago. It continues to mature and improve and has provided a perfect location for our main apiary.

As the world changes around us, we plan to continue serving our customers in whatever manner is possible and safe. Please check out our catalogue for available products, many of which are available for shipping.