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Last year brought many exciting changes and recognitions to our nursery. Perhaps the most notable was the retirement of Hazel from her previous lab profession to work at the nursery with Joe on a fulltime bases. We find it a privilege to be available to serve our customers with greater flexibility. 

Blossom Hill Nursery was honoured to receive the 2015 Recognition Award: Business Leadership / Entrepreneurial Innovation award; a prestigious award presented annually from the Peterborough County. Also, our entry of ‘Irene May Gilbert’ was chosen for the Court of Honour at the Canadian Peony Society 2015 convention. We continued with donating our peony collection to Whistling Gardens. There are only a few of our newest or most difficult to propagate varieties left to donate. It is an honour to have our collection of peonies growing in these amazing botanical gardens for future public viewing. To clarify, we still have all the varieties growing here at Blossom Hill Nursery for future sales. 

Blossom Hill specializes in delphiniums and peonies. Our perennials including delphiniums and peonies are grown in our own fields and are propagated by either division or grafting not by micro-propagation. Although the peonies are available for purchase during the entire growing season they are only dug in the fall as that is the best time of year to propagate them. We offer mail order services to Canadian and USA destinations, as well as direct sales from our farm.  Many years ago, we added British strain Delphinium elatum to our gardens. They possess stronger stems, larger florets and are hardier than other Delphinium elatum.  We have been hybridizing our own stain ever since. Our delphiniums have won the only two Bronze Medallions from The Delphinium Society (UK) awarded in Canada.

We are excited to include many new varieties of peonies to this year’s catalogue. Each year more varieties reach maturity in the field, so they can be added to the catalogue. We now have more than 600 varieties (5500 plants) including species, tree, herbaceous and Itoh (Intersectional) peonies. The collection produces an amazing show. Most peonies flower in the month of June but some bloom in late May and early July. Delphiniums tend to flower from mid-June to mid-July and again in late summer and autumn.

Check out our award winning peonies and delphiniums on our webpage or even better, tour our gardens.

We are open by appointment or chance starting May, 2016. To highlight the peak bloom seasons we are once again inviting everyone to a Peony Open Garden event, Sunday, June 12th, 2016.

Our catalogue continues to be in a plant list format without pictures to reduce printing expenses. However, photographs of many of our plants are posted on our website for your information and enjoyment.


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Thank you for a wonderful season!


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